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My .bash_profile & .bashrc rundown

First and foremost my .bash_profile is 90% alias’ 10% including other stuff So without further ado, opening my .bash_profile I’ll see this right away. if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then . ~/.bashrc fi Woah, hold it.. What’s the difference between […]

My preferred development setup

So the other day, I was asked “Allan what’s your setup like?” by a new colleague, and the next thing i know is, I’ve spent a good hour discussing and explaining my setup, and how it’s all configured. For a […]

One developers 5 favourite command-line tools

This post is for the tech-savvy people, so if you’re easily torn apart by terms such as “man page” “server side operations” and “cli”, you should probably stop reading now.. Continueing on.. find any developer/it-specialist out there, and there’s a […]

Compile & install vim on a shared host

Many developers just can’t live without a CLI based editor, that being vi, nano or perhaps even pico. And I myself, is no exception. However today I found myself in the need of vim, mostly because it’s way easier to […]

Why I personally stay away from themeforest

Many people would say they prefer themeforest themes & plugins, for reasons like “it’s easy”, “it’s cheap”, and last but not least “user friendly” Read on while i debunk those myths. I tend to advise people against buying themes and […]

GTAV Online – Life of the liberator

Taking place in the MMO Game GTAV Online, two fools “Azenis.” (notice the dot), and “iGThomas” decided to test out how best to destroy the liberator without using any explosives.. Inevitable this task was easier said than done. Unfortunately someone […]