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Because everyone needs something custom every now and then.

API integrations & tailored solutions

I don't like my code sluggish... Everything is developed with performance in mind.

Performance oriented

Often includes a wast amount of tools, aliases and other helping hands.


I've been practicing git version control for quite some time now

Git Versioning

Agile in all of the most common systems you could find. Other systems include Opencart

Content Management

Ask me.... You'd be surprised

And much much more…

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Very short biography

I'm an individual that converts coffee and other caffeine based beverages into code.

I do that while being talkative, generally awesome, and hanging out with friends and whatnot.
Generally awesome covers terms such as: always prepared, honest, and proud of my work.

I follow standards, whatever system that may be, and makes sure my code is up to a certain standard and maintainable before it's released.

I rather rewrite the whole damn thing, than releasing something that I'll regret coming back to.



The not so personal blog of Allan Rehhoff

Why I would use a linux/unix based OS over Windows

Before you go get your pitchfork and start lynching me, let me just explain that this article is on the…

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XML vs JSON, a simple comparison

It's no secret that, XML and JSON is the de-facto standard data-interchange formats in web development. (If you're a C#…

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WordPress and page speed insights

I finally did it! After a long time optimizing rewriting a lot of code asynchronously loading fonts and some stylesheet,…

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A love-hate relationship with drupal 8

Let me just start by saying that Drupal 7, probably was, and will be, my favourite CMS of all time,…

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My .bash_profile & .bashrc rundown

First and foremost my .bash_profile is 90% alias' 10% including other stuff So without further ado, opening my .bash_profile I'll…

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My preferred development setup

So the other day, I was asked "Allan what's your setup like?" by a new colleague, and the next thing…

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  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps
  • Google+ Activities
  • Youtube Embeds
  • Google Analytics Graphs
  • Google reCaptcha antispam
  • Instagram oAuth API
  • SparkPost SMTP relay (previously used AWS SES)




Drupal 7


Any mail you send to me through the contact page is relayed through SparkPost to ensure maximum deliverability

All the awesome on the instagram page is pulled daily from instagrams API using an OAuth access token