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  • Resolving the meaning to the universe, life and everything.
  • Establishing contact to mothership.
  • Opening control valves to antimatter nacelles.
  • Fastening seatbelts.
  • Preparing takeoff.
  • Distorting space-time continuum.
  • Moving satellites into position.
  • Resolving transporter buffer.
  • Downloading Satellite Terrain Data.
  • Launching escape pods.
  • Pressing random buttons.
  • Constructing additional pylons.
  • Recruiting additional robot hamster.
  • Summoning unneccessary dramatic encounters.
  • Charging Ozone Layer.
  • Destabilizing Economic Indicators.
  • Increasing Accuracy of RCI Simulators.
  • Lecturing Errant Subsystems.
  • Overconstraining Dirty Industry Calculations.
  • Removing Road Network Speed Bumps.
  • Routing Neural Network Infanstructure.
  • Dividing infinity by zero.
  • Decrementing Tectonic Plates.