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You may contact me about any projects i'm involved in,
or anything else related to some of the technologies i'm familiar with.

I have a broad techincal know-how, I'll help, no problem is too big.

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Alternative Contact Methods
You can also reach me at my email:

Unfortunately i’ve had quite some trouble with foreign bothersome marketeers, so if you want my phone number please use the alternate contact options first.

Additionally if you call from a hidden number, i’ll be polite enough to respect your privacy and not answer the call.

Spam/marketing/propaganda and other nuisance inquiries will likewise be ignored without response.

Support Regarding ATR Server Status
I’ll attempt to answer every inquiry within 48 hours, however unforeseen delays can occur in rare circumstances.

Support is only provided for wordpress/PHP related issues, plugin conflicts directly related to, and/or involving plugins authored by me.

Please be aware that I cannot provide support for localized issues such as network specific configurations, custom server setups/requirements.


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