GTAV Online – Life of the liberator

Taking place in the MMO Game GTAV Online, two fools “Azenis.” (notice the dot), and “iGThomas” decided to test out how best to destroy the liberator without using any explosives..

Inevitable this task was easier said than done.

Unfortunately someone decided the ruin the whole process for us, so we had to fetch a new liberator midways, But in the end it went all successful.


As any other player in LS our goto place is mount Chilliad, so straight away, and without further ado, we set of climbing.. just to throw it off the cliff later.

We soon though realised, that it wasn’t going to work, however it didn’t took us long to figure out, that maybe we just had to throw it off the top of maze bank tower.
And this is where someone decided it would be fun to shoot us down with an RPG, so you’ll notice the doors, and bonnet’s back in place 🙁

Due to me failing miserable, and landing on the wheels here, the librator didn’t took as much as a scratch of damage from this fall.

Sure we could fly it up there again, and do another jump, but carrying a liberator from a cargobob to such a height is harder than it seems, you gotta have a lot of patience for that to happen..

So instead we did some careless parking in front of a train, which went… well..



So if you were lucky enough to get your hands on the liberator when it was available and $2,200,000 to spend on a cargobob, not to mention the hours and work you obviously have to put into this, you can “easily” destroy a liberator without spending our own hard earned ammunition