I like my code to be scalable, usable and maintainable.
Writing another hackjob like any other script-kiddie goes nowhere.

RESTful Client - HTTP Requests made easy

It has never been easier to make RESTful HTTP Requests View on GitHub

Frankly, I just got fed up with having to write $ch every damn time i wanted to a HTTP Request with cURL.
DatabaseConnection - Efficient CRUD Library

Because every developer needs a their own database classes View on bitbucket

I grow tired of always having to rely on other peoples database classes.
And eventuely ended up rolling my won database connection library.
WP Plugin - ATR Server Status

Originally made this for a friend. See it in action

Fetches and display's whether a given server is up or down, in real time.
Custom Framework

A custom boilerplate for all my projects, tailored to fit my needs. View on bitbucket

Custom tailored to kickstart all of my new projects.
Not what you'd typically associate with a framework though