Most of my time is spent either writing another library/tool, being outside with my friends, or the girlfriend.
Should it happen i'm outside alone, it's most likely on my mountain bike.

I'm generally really talkative, if you don't catch me on a bad day, which is quite rare. So don't be surprised when I'm attempting to explain how apache webservers actually work.
Caffeine based beverages (coffee included) is something i also enjoy every now and then, especially when coding.
It just keeps me going, and focused on the right track.

This however doesn't mean I don't enjoy cooking a delicious meal though, as long as it's not alone. (Nothing is as boring as cooking alone)


  • 17/12 2016 Above & Beyond Store Vega Copenhagen
  • 25/06 2016 Tinderbox Tusindårskoven Odense
  • 06/11 2015 Armin Van Burran Ballerup Arena Copenhagen
  • 22/01 2015 Above & Beyond Store Vega Copenhagen